ClientCole & Weber

DescriptionLast year it was time for Cole and Weber to update the website. The two objectives in building a new website was to give it a more modern look and feel and make it easier to maintain and expand. So I decided to build the site using an open-source cms called Orchard. This MVC based solution has a very modular approach and already has most of the features I was looking for. On the backend, I just had to create new modules to handle new media types like swfs, iframes and youtube videos. The front-end work just consisted on creating new views, the css and of course, some JavaScript. The website is now constantly updated without the help of the development or the production team. This fact alone makes this project a success when you compare it to the previous installment of the website. Though I still have a little bit of work to do on it to handle better the very small and very big screens as well as bring more social features to it.
I partnered with an interactive designer to concept the website and built it.

TechnologyOrchard, MVC3, CSS, Javascript

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