ClientCole & Weber

DescriptionThe agency wanted to build a marketing piece to promote Seattle to potential employees. At the same time, I really wanted to play with APIs so I proposed a website pulling up-to-date content from Flickr, Twitter, Youtube and a set of our own facts about Seattle and its surroundings. I also wanted to experiment with the idea of a very organic grid so the website would never look the same as well as continuous loading as you scroll (horizontally). Needless to say a few lines of JavaScript went into this one, but it was a fun project. Emerald Theorem now gives you the current vibe of Seattle through several Flicker groups and YouTube users as well as some tweets about what’s happening in Seattle.
I partnered with an interactive designer to concept the website and built it.

TechnologyFlickr/Youtube/Tweeter/Bing APIs, HTML, CSS, JavaScript