ProjectFacebook Group Play app

ClientWashington's Lottery

DescriptionTogether.” Because a lot of people create office pools and such to increase their odds of winning millions we decided to create a Facebook app to help groups of friends or colleagues to play together. The app allows you to either create or join teams, being either a team captain or a team member. As team captain, your first pick the name or your team, you then style it and finally, you invite your Facebook friends to join your team. Once the team is setup, you can create a game for the next drawing of your choice (i.e. Powerball, MegaMillions and Lotto). Members can then decide how much he or she wants to play and select their numbers (quick pick or picked numbers) before the time limit set by the captain is off. At this point, the captain can print or send the list of picks to his phone for his team and go buy tickets for a chance to become a millionaire.
I partnered with an interactive designer to concept the app, presented it to the client, participated in the user testing and coded a few things along our development team.

The project received serveral awards including Best of Show at the Seattle Addy's and Addy Silver at the National event., C#, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript,