ClientCapella University

DescriptionWhen Capella’s students connect with the Capella community and reach key academic milestones, such as completing their first course and graduating from their programs, they earn points that they can designate to one of a number of selected nonprofits. Each point represents $1 that Capella will donate to the chosen organizations. Unfortunately the participation to this program is still very low so to remind or tell students about Inspire Giving we created a Facebook app for Capella students and alumni to learn about the program through a few numbers and graphs showing the overall impact and their contribution. They can also check their points or donations and share it on their Facebook Timeline to spread the word. For non-Capella students (or future) the app is also set as a tab on Capella’s Facebook page to inform them about the program and its overall impact.
I partnered with an interactive designer to concept the app, worked with Capella’s development team to build the web services and worked with a production company to build the app.

TechnologyJavaScript, JSON, CSS, HTML