ClientCapella University

DescriptionGoing back to school can be very intimidating and to encourage future students to make the final step, we created a custom map for them to discover people whom graduated from Capella around you and all over the world (50 States and 59 Countries). The map locates all the Capella graduates and displays their profile. The profile is initially anonymous and only contains the diploma earned, but alumni members are encouraged to extend their profile and tell their stories. Using the map and filters (degrees and professions), a future student can find people with common interests, read their stories and relate to them. On additional function was added to help them connect via LinkedIn and to find out if any of their connections went to Capella.
I partnered with an interactive designer to concept the app and built a prototype with a custom styled Google Map, locating the 35000 alumni members on it. WebAPI, SQL, C#, Google API, JavaScript, CSS, HTML