ClientChateau Ste Michelle

DescriptionThe “My Chateau” campaign started as a print ad illustrating someone’s ideal combination of time, place, environment and company to enjoy a glass of wine. In other words, the perfect formula for their My Chateau. To extend the story from print to digital, we invited people to share their My Chateau on Facebook. To improve the engagement, we built an app for people to create their best formula for their My Chateau where they can save their formula as an image which can then be posted on their Facebook Timelines. The best entries will be featured in future ads. To engage enthusiasts further we are currently working to display the My Chateaus live on the big screen by the stage before every summer concert organized by the vinery.
I partnered with an interactive designer to concept the app, built an HTML5 prototype to convert the HTML into an image and directed the development and production.

The project received a Gold Addy Award.

TechnologyHTML5 (canvas), CSS3, JavaScript

Launch Project